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Featured Quote From – Johnny Depp

July 25th, 2007 by redd


      “Puberty was very vague. I literally locked myself in a room and played guitar” – Johnny Depp

          Well what better way to help get you through a time of changes and new opportunities than a guitar? Honestly, I feel like the one thing that has been there with me throughout my life, all the way back to the crazy days of adolesence has been my Ovation Guitar. I remember for Christmas one year, I recieved A Sunburst Ovation Celebrity Acoustic/Electric Guitar from my parents.

               There’s something about the sound of that guitar unplugged that is enough to soothe any rainy day. Then again I always have been A huge fan of acoustics. As for the riot picture, what can I say, something about this quote made a riot come to mind. Or maybe it’s the endless hours I have been spending the past few days listening to Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins new album Zeitgeist. Nothing says rock like Johnny Depp and the smashing pumpkins in the same blog entry, ya dig?


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An Introduction

July 25th, 2007 by redd


  So you have found you’re way to daily guitarist. And since you’ve made it this far, you should already know the purpose of this site. A kind of one stop shop for everything that an inspiring guitarist would hope to find, in one place. Everything from guitar lessons and tabs, to a daily updated blog on the mainpage to keep readers informed of current events not only pertaining to guitar and music, but to the world surrounding us as well. Along the way we might throw in a blog entry on a certain thought or event that has taken place in our lives and we felt some need to post it onto the site for everyone to relate to. Pretty typical so far of every other niche blog out there right? So what makes this one stand out from the other millions? You.

Because at we want you the reader to be involved in everything from the articles we choose to write about, the news that we cover,  and the guitar resources that we put on this site. We will constantly be changing the content of this site, and the format that we present it to you based on 100% reader feedback and comments. So let us know what you want to see, what you want to read, and most importantly your thoughts and opinions. We all have at least one thing in common, and that is the love of guitars and everything that comes along with them. So sit down and grab the old 6 string. Tune it up, and spend some time reminiscing with us all about the good times and memories our guitar has given us. I’ll guarantee you will find something here for you.

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Basic Chord Chart

July 24th, 2007 by redd


This is the first installment of chord’s here at Daily Guitarist. Some good chords to learn first are the E major, E minor, D major, C major and G major. Click the thumbnail above to enlarge the chart.

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