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The Perfect Acoustic Setlist

August 24th, 2007 by redd


  Like many guitar players out there today, and many of our readers here at daily guitarist, I like to think of myself as a moderately talented guitar player. I have a good understanding of music theory, can read music and tab, can play any chord out there, and can put together a pretty sick guitar solo when it comes down to it. I’ve never taken guitar lessons, or really ever been a member of a rock band, but I have had my share of performances. When I look back on all the camp fire jam sessions, and the sitting around the living room singing and jamming with my buddies back in college, or any of the numerous cheesy talent shows i have been apart of in my guitar playing career. The one jam that sets itself apart from the rest has to be the time my good friend, and fellow daily guitarist writer, Billy “bah “Leonard came down to visit me in Providence, RI for the weekend. It wasn’t until he arrived at my apartment that he knew what he was in for.

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