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The Perfect Acoustic Setlist

August 24th, 2007 by redd


  Like many guitar players out there today, and many of our readers here at daily guitarist, I like to think of myself as a moderately talented guitar player. I have a good understanding of music theory, can read music and tab, can play any chord out there, and can put together a pretty sick guitar solo when it comes down to it. I’ve never taken guitar lessons, or really ever been a member of a rock band, but I have had my share of performances. When I look back on all the camp fire jam sessions, and the sitting around the living room singing and jamming with my buddies back in college, or any of the numerous cheesy talent shows i have been apart of in my guitar playing career. The one jam that sets itself apart from the rest has to be the time my good friend, and fellow daily guitarist writer, Billy “bah “Leonard came down to visit me in Providence, RI for the weekend. It wasn’t until he arrived at my apartment that he knew what he was in for.

When he walked through the door of my apartment, I had setup before him the ultimate jam session / concert stage. Sure it was just two wooden bar stools, and a curtain thrown over my living room lamp to give it that concert ambiance, and about 20 foldable chairs in a circle where my living furniture used. But that night, after a couple of beers, and a few drunk colleagues coming in and out of the apartment, and a killer setlist put together by Billy and myself, I can honestly say that I have never had an experience like that before.

Billy and I had our Ovation Celebrity acoustics at the time, so we started the night out with a little dave matthews, followed by some guster, and a little stop the world and melt with you to kick off the the night. Personally I think that these songs are great to start out with, everyone knows them, and they are fairly easy to play and solo to, as well as jam the chorus out with vocals for as long as you want to really get the crowd into it. After a short break we sat back down in front of a room of about 20-25 people, and I was really feeling the show, everyone was having a good time and waiting to hear what we were going to play next. We played some hootie and the blowfish, some counting crowes (always a crowd pleaser) followed by some weezer and incubus, what more could you ask for? Before I knew it my whole living room was full of people enjoying the music, and we turned the lights down and lit a few candles and really got into the show. We finished up the night with some brown eyed girl, a little old school howie day, my personal favorite song to play 3 am, and blew everyone away with the acoustic song that everyone knows, greenday time of your life.

At around 4 am in the morning, I could not play or sing another chord or note for my life. My throat hurt from singing the lyrics over the screaming audience, and my hands hurt from the crazy strumming and solos that go along with playing guitar with an old friend. For weeks, months, now years even people talked about this show and what started out as a stupid idea, that somehow turned into one of the most powerful musical experiences of my life. It wasn’t just one thing that made this night so powerful, it was everything coming together for those few hours that we played, the people, the guitars, the friendships, the music, the words, i will even give credit to the twelve bottles of sam adams that we took down through out the night. But I think the most important ingredient brought to the table that night was the setlist that bill and I had put together not 10 minutes before the show started. I now have the original setlist in my bedroom, and will never forget that night, it was something that I will truly remember for the rest of my life.


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  1. stevestatic Says:

    Great list (I think) I can’t make all of it out and am not sure the full names/artists. Would you mind making the list with artis and song name?


  2. redd Says:

    Hey, sorry about not including all of the artists and song titles, here is a list. Good luck with your show!

    1 Dave Matthews – #41 (Acoustic)
    2 Van Morrison – Wild Nights
    3 Modern English – Melt with you
    4 Hootie & Blowfish – Let her cry
    5 Counting Crowes – Mr. Jones
    6 Weezer – Say it aint so
    7 Incubus – Drive
    8 Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
    9 Howie Day – Ghost
    10 Matchbox 20 – 3am
    11 Greenday – Time of your Life

  3. Sup Says:

    I’ll tell you what I do, since it’s working for me prtety well. I’m a performing singles act, playing guitar and singing. A couple times each month I do a band thing as well. But mostly I do solo for eight shows a week at a local fine dining place and have been doing so for ten years now. Rules I live by are:1. Play everyday.2. Be heard every day.3. Remember every day why you do what you do.4. Keep an open musical mind to all genres of music. and on a more personal note:5. Avoid all major drug habits, they do not make you play better other than in your own mind.As for techniques and what not, they’ll develop on their own, whether you want them to or not, as long as you’re playing daily. Learning music theory may help, but I’ve been playing all my life and never took lessons, which is true for most of my musician friends as well. I do have one friend that has a BA in music, but I’ve never thought he was any better off than anyone else.

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