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Party Like A Rockstar, Party Like A Rockstar

July 31st, 2007 by redd


   It is every musicians dream to someday, somehow make it big. And that is not where the similarities end. While we may not have the crazy rock star hair yet, or the screaming groupies, us guitarists and musicians all share the same dreams. Whether you think you’re destined to become a screeching lead singer, one of the best guitarists the world has ever seen, or one of the craziest dudes to bang around on a drum set, we would want nothing more than to be on stage before thousands of screaming fans. So what is it that sets someone like Jimi Hendrix, or Curt Cobain aside from someone like you or me? Well today we will focus on just that. What does it really takes to make it big, and land that record label of your dreams?

#1 Nightclub Gigs – bands tend to lose money on nightclub gigs, which can pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per show. Out of that money, the band must pay expenses such as rehearsal space, transportation, and publicity. One mailing to fans can cost $200. But gigs can build an audience, which helps a band work towards it’s goal of getting signed. Remember to stay close to home and build up a strong base in your hometown, then do some traveling to promote your band in the surrounding areas. Make sure your fans come back to your hometown where your shows and the crowd is sure to rock harder than anywhere else.

#2 CD Sales – a good performer can sell CD’s at shows to about a third of the audience, with an average audience of 30 people. If the CD is self-produced, the artist can keep just about the whole amount, probably breaking even after selling somewhere around 1,000 CDs. Performers who are signed keep somewhere between 9 and 20 percent depending on their label and the artists popularity. But rather than selling a few CDs after a show, signed artists mostly rely on the vast distribution network available to the record label. The internet has not yet perfected the music distribution system, although listeners can download songs in the popular MP3 format from just about anywhere, very few pay for them.

 #4 Getting That Record Deal – Getting the record label is probably one of the hardest goals to accomplish, but when broken down into small attainable goals can be reached. First off try to do some research on some of the record labels you are interested in. Find contact information for them, and try to stop by local ones, or even take a road trip to a big city and try to meet some people, drop off a demo and see what happens. A good way of getting your foot in the door for example would be explaining to them how interested you are in working for their company, and that you would even work a non paid internship and love every day of it. Make sure you have a manager, and possibly speak with an entertainment attorney if you have one in the family somewhere, or know someone that does. Look into the differences of a major label, or an indie label and choose what is best for you. And finally hold out for what you want, after all it is your band, and after all the hard work you put in at practice and the other hours in the day that come with it, you deserve it!

#5 Other Ways of Getting Money – If you are signed, you can get money from various other resources. You can get money from touring, sales of CD’s, merchandising, fashion, publishing songs, even writing television theme songs. But if you’re not signed, you can do maybe half of those things, so you might want to keep your day job for the time being. Try to generate a buzz by pouring your heart and soul into everything you do for the band, especially when you are rocking out at those late night gigs at the bar, even if it does mean doing a cheesy cover of some band. Just make sure it rocks, and throw something into the song that was not there before and people will remember your version.



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